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Renaturing Cities

Our urban settings are not offering the quality of life that citizens wish for. On the one hand, the changes in the urban morphology - mainly derived from mobility planning focusing on the use of private vehicles and on a concept of city zoning - and, on
the other hand, climate changes at a global and local level have reduced the capacity of urban nuclei, their resilience, to be able to guarantee good living conditions and good health to their inhabitants and to contribute towards the environmental improvement of the planet.

The ecosystemic green infrastructures and, in general, the urban green spaces are an opportunity, a structural tool, to improve the habitability of the city and the urban spreads and to reduce their environmental footprint.

The purpose of this publication, structured in blocks on Theory, Strategies, Measures and Epilogue, is to provide support to the public stakeholders involved in urban planning and management in the application of naturalisation strategies and measures on the urban green spaces in their cities.

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